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de Lange

de Lange Society

The de Lange Society, named after the doctor who cared so much about children with the syndrome, publicly recognizes individuals and volunteer groups, who, like Dr. Cornelia de Lange, lead the way for others.

These volunteers bring creative vision, innovative ideas, vital assistance and leadership to the Foundation. Their contributions enhance the quality of service and programs offered to individuals with the syndrome and their families.

Sunday, June 29, 2014
12:00 – 2:00 p.m.
Crowne Plaza
3131 S. Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA
RSVP: June 23, 2014

Individual ticket: $40. Purchase online here.

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Sponsorship deadline: June 13, 2014

Send a tribute message to a de Lange Society member: $25
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Tribute message deadline: June 13, 2014

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For more information, please contact Gail at events@Cdlsusa.org or call 800.753.2357.

2014 de Lange Society Inductees

Jan Abbott
Jim Abbott
Joanne Gersuk
Jim Kenney
Angie Young

Class of 2013

Featured Speaker

The Beginning of "Reaching Out"

“My oldest son, Ronnie was born in Sitka, AK, in 1969 with CdLS.  Eventually, I met Susan Anthony of Seattle, WA, and we decided parents needed contact with one another, so we created a little newsletter, and Reaching Out was born.”

“A moment that stands out so vividly for me happened on a trip to Seattle University Hospital when Ronnie was only about two years old, very small for his age and still being carried by us. We were used to stares from people, but the hostess at a restaurant stared so intently the entire time we were eating that it became most disconcerting. However, when we went to pay our bill, she was forthright and asked, ‘Do you know what is wrong with your little boy?’”
“I, of course, launched into explaining what little we did know about CdLS back then when she suddenly burst into tears. After settling down a bit, she explained that she had had a little boy some decades before – and that he looked “just like” Ronnie. She went on to tearfully ask, “You mean I really didn’t do something wrong that caused it?” Her child had not lived very long, but she had been living for years with the guilt that somehow she had caused her child’s deformity and eventually his death.”

“I knew right then that no parent should ever live with that kind of guilt. Sue and I met shortly after that. The rest is history.”

Carol is currently an independent contractor facilitating seminars for employee growth and development. She is mother to eight, with seven grandchildren, and lives in Washington state with her husband.

Cornelia's Garden